Building an Investment-Worthy Business

Building an Investment-Worthy Business

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Need money for your business, but don't have a rich uncle in your family.  Taking on investors has become a bit easier if you know the steps to prepare your business. 

Crowdfunding permits companies to raise millions of dollars a year from those in and around your community.  Learn the options and how to get your company ready to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity. 

This on demand course will introduce the steps necessary to prepare your company to take outside investment, complete an investment campaign and help you begin to compile the following documents:

1. Corporate Documents

2. Financial Documents

3. Business Plan

4. Pitch Deck

Note:  The goal of this course you help you understand the fundraising process and get you started in building a company that can take on investment.  Additional assistance and courses may be required once you are ready to launch your campaign.