Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

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In every state, when you form a business entity like a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a corporation, you will be required to appoint a registered agent for your business. This requirement to designate a registered agent (aka: statutory agent, resident agent, or corporate service of process agent) came about as an aspect of due process. Due process states that before a lawsuit or other legal action can move forward in the courts, all parties in the lawsuit must be properly notified. Registered agents serve as a way to ensure your business can be properly notified, should it be involved in a lawsuit.

Our registered agent services include:

  • Notify you when your business’s annual reports are due to the state.
  • Help walk you through business filings.
  • Provide you with a wide range of business knowledge.
  • Offer free tools to help you file business forms with the state and track your business’s status.

Only $125 per year.