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Alternative Ways to Start A New Business

When thinking of starting a business, most new entrepreneurs first impulse is to build a business from the ground up.  However, one very prominent and less risky way to enter the world of entrepreneurship is buying a business that already exists.  This can be through a straight acquisition of a stand alone business or by buying into a franchise.  There are tons of tools that exists to help you determine if this is the right step for you. Here are some things for your to consider if you are taking the acquisition route into entrepreneurship. The value of the brand - One of the most enticing reasons to buy an existing business or franchise is that you do not have...

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How to determine if you are an independent contractor or employee?

Chances are that you are an Independent Contractor, but do you know what that means. First, let’s confirm. There are 6 factors that comprise the test to determine if you are an independent contractor. They are: The nature and degree of the potential employer’s control; The permanency of the worker’s relationship with the hiring business; The amount of the worker’s investment in the facilities, equipment or helpers; The amount of skill, initiative, judgment, or foresight required for the worker’s services; The worker’s opportunities for profit or loss; and The extent of integration of the worker’s services into the potential employer’s business.  Your responses will determine if you are an Independent Contractor and if you are, GET READY! Being an independent...

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Meet Florence

Florence works with The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce to help businesses like yours start and grow! Click the photo to meet Florence.

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